optimist | eager learner | maker | systems & design thinker

readmill-mugshotpassions, inspirations, aspirations
I am passionate about technology – in particular, about reducing the friction between technology and people, and in combining design, technology and business to solve wicked problems.

I am looking forward to bring my skills and passion to challenging and ambiguous problems including and especially those at the intersections of multiple disciplines.

I aspire to make a difference in the world in the realms of education and creating equity of opportunity.

design philosophy
I see design as the art of making choices – choosing from different possibilities to create something new. Design is all pervasive – every product, service, process or system is always designed, either by intention or by serendipity or by accident. I believe good design is about avoiding accidents, embracing serendipity and striving to be intentional, as far as possible.

technology philosophy
“It’s not the technology that’s scary. It’s what it does to the relations between people, like callers and operators, that’s scary.”
-Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
I believe all technology could and should be more social and friendlier. Well-designed technology gets out of the way quickly, allowing users to perform the function(s) transparently and intuitively.

business philosophy
Most textbooks would have us believe that businesses and business models are fundamentally about creating and capturing value. While making money is a necessary evil, I believe that things go wrong when businesses try to capture more value than they create. Well-designed  business models ensure that the value created always exceeds the value captured.